Bathe on Your Terms With a Bathroom Conversion

a new walk-in shower that used to be a bathing space with a bathtub

Do you worry about your safety when stepping over a high tub wall to access your shower? Or maybe basking in a warm bath at the end of the day is your preferred way to bathe, but your bathroom only has a dingy old shower. Whatever reason your bathtub or shower is not working for you, Bath Fitter Pacific Coast can provide a solution with one of our bathroom conversion services. Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, we are your source of tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

If your bathtub has become more of a decoration than a functional piece in your bathroom, a tub-to-shower conversion can breathe new life into your bathing space. Embrace modern convenience and a safer bathing experience with a walk-in shower, featuring a low threshold for easy access.

Shower-to-Tub Conversions

For those who prefer the indulgence of soaking in a warm and relaxing bath, our shower-to-tub conversions are the perfect solution. Say goodbye to cramped shower spaces and hello to the luxury of a soaker bathtub. Whether you desire a classic freestanding tub or a space-saving alcove tub, our team will expertly convert your shower to create a soothing and tranquil bathing experience.

Expert Service for Your Bathroom Conversion

At Bath Fitter Pacific Coast, our experienced team will help you design your new bathtub or shower so that it looks and functions how you want it to. The best part? We can complete your tub-to-shower or shower-to-tub conversion in as little as one day!

To learn more about the bathroom conversion services we offer in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, California, contact Bath Fitter Pacific Coast today.


“I couldn't have had a better experience with Bathfitter for my shower renovation. Erin was very professional, courteous, and was able to finish the job in a half day. The long term value for the product is unmistakable and very low maintenance makes it an easy choice for anyone looking to replace their existing shower or tub.”

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